Stock of Supplies

JDRF has been, and will remain, in close contact with the leading manufacturers of insulin and T1D supplies. Each leading manufacturer has communicated to us that COVID-19 is not having an impact on their current manufacturing and distribution capabilities. Some pharmacies in Canada are low on stock as they adjust to rapidly increasing demand, a situation that we have been informed  is temporary and localized, and not related to an overall shortage We will continue to monitor the situation and update the T1D community should anything change.

People with T1D should prepare for any emergency by assessing their medication and supply needs. 

  1. Extra rapid-acting insulin
  2. Long actin insulin if you are a pump user (in case of problems with your pump), with pens and syringes
  3. Ketone strips and/or meter
  4. Back-up method for monitoring blood glucose (if you usually use a CGM or Flash monitor), including meter, strips and lancets.

Numerous companies have distributed public statements about their supply chains (listed below). We will provide updates as we receive new information.