Smart Contact Lenses

A New Vision for Diabetes Care

Harry Gandhi is a young visionary with a passion for science and health. 

As the CEO and co-founder of the Waterloo Region start-up, Medella Health, he and his team are developing smart contact lens technology that could one day soon revolutionize the lives of people with diabetes.  

The lens – equipped with a small sensor, chip and micro antenna – works by analyzing tear fluid in diabetic users throughout the day and transmitting the data to their mobile phone in real time.  Offering a non-invasive alternative to the current monitoring method of finger pricking and running a drop of blood through a glucometer for analysis, the invention aims to improve the quality of life of diabetics through the better management of their disease. 

“Our biggest competitive edge is the employment of nanosensor technology,” says Gandhi. “Unlike others in development, our smart contact lenses have a proprietary sensor that allows for a significantly higher working life and shelf life, which will translate into greater affordability.” 

Gandhi, 24, is no stranger to diabetes.  His grandmother and uncles suffer from the disease, and his first job was as a researcher at a local diabetes clinic.  

Designing these smart contact lenses, he explains, had much to do with health economics and settling the data collection problems that currently plague the system, as well as minimizing the daily challenges faced by diabetics.  While the technology is still at an experimental stage, Gandhi hopes to have the contact lenses on the market within the next two years. 

“With this product we will be one step closer to changing reactive medicine to preventive medicine,” he says, “and creating a new vision for the future of diabetes care.” 

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