Before Pregnancy

Having a baby is a precious time in a woman’s life. While all women need to take care of their bodies before and during pregnancy, women with type 1 diabetes (T1D) need to think even more about their health care.

Pregnancy in women with diabetes is considered high-risk. If your diabetes is not properly controlled during pregnancy, there is an increased chance of miscarriage, birth defects in the baby, and high blood pressure in the mother. However, if you take care of yourself diligently, visit your doctors regularly and follow their advice, you can have both a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

The Before Pregnancy section of this Pregnancy subsite talks about the important things you should be thinking about when planning a pregnancy, such as your health care goals and management, your medical team, your partner, and conception.

  1. Pregnancy planning 
  2. Your health care team 
  3. Health care before pregnancy 
  4. Conception 
  5. Your partner
  6. Alyssa’s story
  7. Laura’s story

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