Board of Directors

We are grateful to the tremendous contribution of the following individuals. Their guidance and expertise bring us closer to a world without type 1 diabetes each day.

Ron Miller Chair, Partner, Lorem Partners (Calgary, AB) "I volunteer as a board member of JDRF because of my daughter Beth (diagnosed T1D over 12 years ago) and other Canadians like her who are living with the 24/7/365 challenges of this chronic disease. I am inspired by my daughter and her ability to live life on her terms; it’s not easy but she does a remarkable job of managing the complexities of T1D while leading a very active life! With that being said, I am involved with JDRF so that one day she will be able to live her life without the burdens of T1D."
Lorne Shiff Past Chair, President, LandCon Limited (Toronto, ON) "My involvement with JDRF began almost 50 years ago when my parents told me I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes now called T1D. They and other families were founding members of JDRF Canada and my involvement began there. The work of JDRF has transformed the lives of all those living with T1D and continues to move forward at an increasingly fast pace. When I was diagnosed in 1970, I took one shot of insulin a day and had no way to accurately know what my blood sugar level was. Today I am using an insulin pump and CGM which act as an early stage artificial pancreas, all because of the research and funding of JDRF. The research JDRF funds is life changing and we are on our way to a WORLD WITHOUT DIABETES."
Murray Suey Treasurer, Regional Managing Partner, KPMG Calgary (Calgary, AB) “Recent events have demonstrated that the health of Canadians has never been more important. I volunteer with JDRF knowing that the organization is relentless in the pursuit of finding a cure for type 1 diabetes and improving the lives of all Canadians, including a member of my family, who lives with T1D.”
Mary Jane Devine Secretary, Business Advisor in Health Technology (Vancouver, B.C.) “When my son was diagnosed with T1D 20 years ago, JDRF provided our whole family with a community of support and hope for a cure. I was so impressed with their focus on funding the most promising research for T1D globally coupled with their innovative approach to industry and government partnerships that I wanted to be part of the JDRF team and contribute where I could.”
Matthew Varey JDRF International Board Member, Senior Vice President, RBC (Toronto, ON) "What is given is yours forever. JDRF is an incredible purposeful organization that gives of itself to the over 300,000 Canadians that don’t deserve to live life with T1D. I am completely humbled to be part of JDRF’s mission as it will make life better.”
Ashit Dattani Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager, TD Wealth (Vancouver, B.C.) "JDRF has an incredible history filled with volunteers who have donated their time, talents and treasure to bring us to where we are today. Given my family has directly benefitted from those efforts, I’m involved as a way of honoring their legacy and thanking them for the impact they have made. I want to pay their contribution forward and hopefully together, we can make T1D a disease of the past."
Helena Gottschling Chief Human Resources Officer, RBC (Toronto, ON) “I volunteer as a Board member for JDRF because of their unwavering commitment to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and while on that journey, improve the lives of those living with T1D. Our son was diagnosed with T1D many years ago and JDRF has given me hope and renewed confidence that a cure will be discovered during his lifetime.”
Dr. Nick Hajidiacos Physician, Associate Professor of Medicine (Winnipeg, MB) "Volunteering for JDRF means being part of an organization that shares a common goal - preventing and finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. After my son's diagnosis, I promised I would do everything I could to be a part of the mission. I am proud and lucky to be a part of this dynamic and focused organization."
Réjean Tremblay CCO Canada, Aon (Montreal, QC) “As a person living with T1D myself, I am involved with JDRF by being a member of the Board so I can help attain the “Type none” mission. But more than that, I am motivated by the fact that what we are doing under JDRF works: we are making great progress that we must continue to support!”
Justin Vineberg Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP (Montreal, QC) “I volunteer as a board member because insulin is not a cure and I am committed to ensuring that we make advances in technology to improve diabetes management. I am working to make life easier and healthier for families like mine who struggle with the daily highs and lows of diabetes. I want to help create a safer and better future for my daughter Joelle and others like her who live with T1D.”
Scott Williams Principal Consultant, The Bronte Group (Oakville, ON) "A little over 15 years ago, at the age of 5, my son Josh was diagnosed with T1D. Nobody can prepare you for that day, however, one organization stood out as giving my family hope and the was JDRF. We quickly became engaged as a family and have been involved with many JDRF initiatives. In 2014 I had the opportunity to join the JDRF Canada board and am proud to have been part of the great work that JDRF has undertaken. I look forward to helping to turn type one into type none. "
Holly Jackson Head, North American Customer Contact Centre, BMO (Toronto, ON) “My sister has had T1D for 43 years, since she was 5 years old. I am committed to helping find a cure in our lifetime so that she and all those with T1D can enjoy the freedom of life without the constant of diabetes. I know we can do it – and I am passionate about being part of the solution. Imagine a world where type one is type none!"
Hélène Michel Managing Partner Audit Quebec, Mallette It was in August 2017 that Édouard, my then 12 year old son, was diagnosed with T1D. In June 2019, Édouard and I became involved in the Walk to Cure Diabetes as Honourary Chair and Ambassador respectively. Since then, we have been involved with JDRF with the common goal of putting a stop to type one diabetes.