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1. Canadians Living With Type 1 Diabetes for 50 Years Can Have a Significant Impact in Discovering Factors for Success in T1D Research

JDRF is excited to support a nationwide research study exploring longevity in type 1 diabetes (T1D). Toronto-based researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital are creating a national registry of Canadians who have been living with T1D for 50 years or more, and invite them to participate in a mail-based nati...

2. Two JDRF-Funded Studies Show Regular CGM Use Increases Diabetes Control for All Age Groups and Enables Patients to Maintain Good Control Long Term

NEW YORK, September 8, 2009 -- The latest data from groundbreaking human clinical trials of the effectiveness of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) show that the primary determinant of improvements in achieving better diabetes control is regular use of monitors -- six days per week or more -- rather ...

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