Response to Government of Nova Scotia’s Decision to Not Cover Insulin Pumps

December 15, 2011 – It is unfortunate for the thousands of people with diabetes in the province who require insulin pumps and their families that the government has decided not to extend public funding for an insulin pump program. Studies have shown that people living with type 1 diabetes that use insulin pump therapy experience fewer complications and live longer, healthier lives. In fact, a better managed blood glucose regimen has been proven to reduce the number of heart, kidney and liver-related diabetes complications.

The Canadian Diabetes Association and JDRF recognize the value of fiscal responsibility when it comes to prudent health management; however, by investing in insulin pump therapy in the short-term, we can take steps to lessen or prevent diabetes complications from developing later in life also resulting in healthcare savings in the long-term. Findings from the Canadian Diabetes Association’s recent report, The Economic Benefit of Public Finding for Insulin Pumps in Nova Scotia, shows an investment into a publicly funded insulin pump program could improve health outcomes for Nova Scotians with diabetes and save the province up to $1.4 million by 2032. By remaining one of the only three provinces not committed to an insulin pump program, the government is making a decision that will impede its ability to deliver better health outcomes to the many Nova Scotians who currently cannot afford a pump.

We strongly urge the government of Nova Scotia to reconsider a strategic investment into an insulin pump program in the province, so that all Nova Scotians have equal opportunity to live long and healthy lives.

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