Major investment in T1D research

TORONTO, September 7, 2016 - JDRF Canada has made a major investment in accelerating type 1 diabetes research by awarding over $4M USD in grants to researchers across Canada.

While the projects being funded are quite diverse, they all have one thing in common: research that will improve the lives of those living with type 1 diabetes.

Here is a list of the grants that were awarded: 

  • To explore new options for stem cell derived transplants for diabetes patients - $599,996 awarded to Dr. Tim Kieffer (University of British Columbia)
  • To improve the artificial pancreas system -  $450,000 awarded to Dr. Ahmad Haidar (McGill University)  
  • To transplant a 3D printed bio artificial pancreas - $150,000 awarded to Dr. Corinne Hoesli (McGill University) 
  • To perfect a new implantable device that creates an ideal environment for the survival of transplanted insulin-producing stem cells  - $722,500 awarded to Dr. Cristina Nostro (University Health Network)  
  • To explore new devices that will improve survival of transplanted insulin-producing (islet) cells used to treat type 1 diabetes  - $824,000 awarded to Dr. Greg Korbutt (University of Alberta)  
  • To explore the potential of placing insulin-producing beta cells in a less hostile environment in the body - $845,000 awarded to Dr. Michael Sefton (University of Toronto)  
  • To develop a glucose-responsive microneedle transdermal patch for therapeutic hormones - $400,000 awarded to Dr. Shirley Wu (University of Toronto)  

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