Canadians Living With Type 1 Diabetes for 50 Years Can Have a Significant Impact in Discovering Factors for Success in T1D Research

TORONTO (October 17, 2013) - JDRF is excited to support a nationwide research study exploring longevity in type 1 diabetes (T1D). Toronto-based researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital are creating a national registry of Canadians who have been living with T1D for 50 years or more, and invite them to participate in a mail-based national questionnaire that explores personal experiences and challenges of managing T1D.  

The Canadian Study of Longevity in Diabetes offers hope for the discovery of novel mechanisms, biomarkers, and therapies for T1D. Members of this national registry, who over the last few decades have thrived in the face of diabetes management and its complications, will have the opportunity to reflect upon the long-lasting challenges of living with T1D and share their personal diabetes experiences to positively impact present and future generations.

Several studies have shown that substantial numbers of people with T1D, despite the lack of methods for intensive diabetes monitoring and management for many years of their lives, could survive for an extreme duration of the disease without the development of advanced complications. “As a team and a as a diabetes community, we are extremely proud of people who’ve lived with diabetes for 50 years and we recognize that we have a lot to learn from them” said Dr. Bruce Perkins. “We hope that reaching out to people across Canada through our questionnaires will be the first step toward more studies at the JDRF Canadian Clinical Trial Network centres as they continue to grow across the country.”

JDRF is excited to support the Diabetes Longevity study conducted by Dr. Bruce Perkins, MD MPH, as the principal investigator and a team of researchers at the University Health Network in Toronto, Ontario and the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, Massachusetts, to bring this research study to life.

For more information about this study, or to get involved, visit or contact the research team toll free at 1-855-808-0150. 

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