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 House ParT1D

This June 14th join Canada's largest, family-friendly virtual and interactive house party! We will rally together those affected by type 1 diabetes to unite, get loud and raise funds to accelerate the pace of diabetes research. 

Step 1: Register
Step 2: Choose your own fundraising challenge, whether it’s 100km on a stationary bike or a bead-a-thon – anything is virtually possible.
Step 3: Start fundraising and then live stream your house party on June 14th and show Canada what you’re doing to move towards a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Visit to register today!

For more information about participating in this event, please contact Taryn Harrison at [email protected].

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Tricia  McLaren at [email protected]

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House ParT1D Kick Off Week

Join your T1D community as we kick off Canada's largest virtual house party turning type one diabetes into type none!

We're offering you a full week of fun activities to keep you entertained and informed on how to succeed with your fundraising efforts. Come learn and ask your questions!

Kick-Off week will run from May 3rd to May 10th where you can join, learn and have fun. Here's what you can expect:

  • May 3, 2020: Join our Virtual Kick-off Presentation at 1pm CDT. Find out what the JDRF House ParT1D for a Cure will look like and how you can join in the fun. Hear from JDRF Canada's Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Sarah Linklater on updates around the top type 1 diabetes (T1D) research advancements happening right here in Canada.
  • May 4, 2020: Learn about Omnipod products and ask questions at their virtual presentation and Q&A

Other Activities:

  • Join us for a fun time completing JDRF's at home scavenger hunt! Complete the tasks, create your team poster and share a picture on social media. Here's a fun example from Team Twin Troopers in Humboldt!


  • Finish the week off by creating your very own fundraising video, which you can use to inspire your friends and family to support your House ParT1D campaign.
  • More exciting activities to be added! 

Follow JDRF's social media throughout the week to learn more about JDRF's House ParT1D for a Cure Presented by Omnipod and get updates on kick-off week. Also, learn how you can fundraise from home. Whether it's a virtual dinner with friends, 100km on a stationary bike or a bead-a-thon - anything can be virtually possible.

RSVP today to be a part of our exciting kick-off week. Your RSVP enters you in a draw for a $50 gift card to VISA!


Most importantly, let's come together to ensure that in this difficult time, we do everything we can to cure, prevent, and treat T1D!

*Contest rules and regulations apply


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2020 JDRF Regina Golf Tournament

Date: Thursday, June 11th 
Location: Flowing Springs Golf Course
Tee Off: 12:00 p.m. Shot Gun Start
Registration and Full Tournament Details at​​

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 Sun Life Ride to Defeat Diabetes

2020 Event Information

Date: Thursday Oct 29th
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Location: City of Regina Feild House
Registration is live now! Register here today!

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 School Walk Program

Too often parents with children who live with T1D find their schools are not sufficiently informed about diabetes and its complications.
Encouraging a Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes to be held at your child’s school can assist in building the much needed awareness within the student body and teachers, and provide a safe learning environment for students with diabetes.

The School Walk is a fun-filled day for teachers, volunteers, and children, and is a great way to raise funds for JDRF.

Register your school today.

For more information, please contact Randy Durovick at
306.533.9940 or [email protected].

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 Fundraise Your Way

Do you have a great fundraising idea? Don't know where to start? JDRF has great online tools to help you! Visit Fundraise Your Way for everything you need to have a successful fundraiser!

For more information, please contact Randy Durovick at
306.533.9940 or [email protected].

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 Bag of Hope

Has your child just been diagnosed with T1D?
JDRF offers a complimentary bag filled with a variety of educational and reference materials & Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes ™, a plush bear designed to help children learn about insulin injections.

Visit Bag of Hope to request yours!

For more information, please contact Randy Durovick at

306.533.9940 or [email protected].

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 Mentor Program

Your child/teen or maybe yourself has been newly diagnosed with T1D & you're feeling overwhelmed & alone. You aren't alone & JDRF can help by matching you with a mentor; trained volunteers who understand what you are going through & can connect you with helpful resources in your area.

Visit Mentor Program for more information,
or contact Randy Durovick at 306.533.9940 or [email protected].

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For more information about Volunteer Opportunities with JDRF,
please contact Randy Durovick at
306.533.9940 or [email protected].

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