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Is there a connection between mood swings and diabetes?  If so, how do you cope?  What are some tricks and tips on keeping your mood swings in check?

YES!  There is a definite connection between mood swings and diabetes, especially with low blood sugars.  For me I get cranky, short tempered, and just refuse to do anything.  I notice this most in the afternoon.  To deal with this, I make sure that I get food and can eat on a regular schedule. 

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I believe mood and diabetes are closely related. I’m often in the worst mood when my sugar undergoes large fluctuations. I cope by telling myself that all I can do is try to get my sugars under control. There’s no use in getting angry or feeling guilty when you’re high or low, the best thing you can do is treat accordingly, take some deep breaths and know that in a little bit you’ll be feeling better. Understand that bad days are going to happen sometimes, even if you do everything right, it’s all part of the disease.

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