On the road

How has living with T1D affected your driving? How do you ensure that you are safe to drive? What tips and tricks do you use to ensure that if you are driving a long distance your blood sugar level is in control​?                 

It’s not always easy, especially when I’m in a rush, but I make sure to test before I drive. I also pull over to test any time I feel weird or to check in if I’m driving long distances. A continuous glucose monitor has made driving with diabetes a lot more convenient. When I first began driving I resented having to take extra precautions, but I know I owe it to myself and others to be safe every time I get behind the wheel.

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I was 16 when the issue of driving came up during my regular quarterly appointments at the Diabetes Education Centre. My nurse told me that driving with a low blood sugar is like driving exhausted or drunk. She knew that I would never do either of those things so it was an easy and important comparison. I was told that my blood sugar needs to be at a reasonable range and not dropping before I drive. In the beginning I actually checked my blood sugar right before driving, but now I generally just check my blood sugar before driving home from the gym or any athletic activity and any time I feel like I might be getting low. My friends and family are very good at waiting for me to get my blood sugar back to normal for 30 minutes before I drive or taking over the driving themselves. If I am driving a long distance I try to stop every few hours to take breaks and I check my blood sugar at those times. I also carry  glucose tablets and snacks with me everywhere I go so that I can pull over and have a snack if necessary. 

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I always check my blood sugar before I have to drive for any length of time. If I’m going on a road trip, I pull over every couple hours to keep monitoring my blood sugar. If I’m having  challenging blood sugars (either low or high), no matter how short the drive will be, I do not drive. This is when I ask my friends or family for help. They understand the dangers of driving with high or low blood sugars, so they either drive me home or wherever I need to go.

I also always keep a sugar source in my cup holders in my car. Even though I always have my bag filled with sugar with me, I prefer to have something that I can grab easily when I’m driving if I need it.

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