Getting Personal

Feel free to share any specific personal stories you have for the following topics: sports for aspiring elite athletes (i.e. competitive rugby), nutrition and exercise for athletes, and how to avoid and prevent “diabetes burnout”          

If you want to do something but think that having diabetes will hold you back or prevent you from doing what you want to do, stop thinking like that.  I go out on a variety of backcountry trips and I’m more worried about twisting an ankle or breaking something that I am about my diabetes.  When I pack for trips, packing my diabetes supplies is the easiest part because I know exactly what to bring, it takes me a lot longer to decide which clothes I’m going to bring with me!

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I was a competitive speed skater for 16 years. Diabetes definitely made things tough at times. But I believe having diabetes helped me as an athlete. For starters, having diabetes for 13 years has taught me so much about my body. I am very self-aware and this is a really important attribute for every athlete to have that wants to compete at a high level. Being an athlete and being a diabetic has also taught me about discipline. I learned from a young age that certain sacrifices would have to be made and how to make good decisions. Being an athlete you experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The same goes for diabetes – literally. The greatest feeling is when you reach a goal and you know you got there even with diabetes and you have to remind yourself that that is something to be proud of!  

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Lets turn type one into type none