Diabetes in School

How do you handle sports/activities at school?  What resources do you have available at school that help you manage your T1D?  Do you feel that T1D has an impact on grades and being successful?  How do you prepare for managing your T1D and writing exams?  Share any personal stories on managing T1D in a school setting                 

I didn’t realize during my first year of university that I could sign up with the Accessibility Services office. I paid them a visit during my second year and wished I’d done it sooner. Accessibility/disability services at colleges and universities can help advocate for students and offer exam-writing accommodations including breaks for testing and treating and no hassle over bringing in diabetes supplies.

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Before an exam I usually approach one of the instructors or supervisors in the room and let them know that I have diabetes and if I should have a low I will have to leave the exam to treat. I feel much more comfortable telling them beforehand. I have to take a lot of labs in my degree, which can be a challenge because you are often unable to eat or drink for up to three hours. At the start of each semester I let my supervisor know about my diabetes and they are usually very understanding. If I go low or need to take some insulin, I just let them know and they let me leave, without question, to treat accordingly.

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