JDRF CCTN Staff Biography

Olivia Lou, PhD

Program Officer

Olivia Lou, PhD, is Program Officer for JDRF CCTN and works closely with study investigators in managing the setup of the trial network and facilitating the implementation of trials and studies. She also serves as liaison between JDRF Canada and JDRF International’s Research Department.  

Previously, Dr. Lou served as Scientific Program Manager for the Immune Therapies Program at JDRF International, where she developed and implemented research programs aimed at understanding the immunopathogenesis of T1D, and strategies to halt or reverse the autoimmune response. She was instrumental in launching several JDRF special initiatives including those related to biomarkers, common mechanisms of autoimmune disease, immune memory, and the microbiome in T1D.  Dr. Lou also served as JDRF’s liaison for international consortia including The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY), and the Trial to Reduce IDDM in the Genetically at Risk (TRIGR). In addition to working to serve the needs of investigators in the T1D field, Dr. Lou has had the privilege of working with JDRF’s volunteer lay community.

Prior to joining JDRF, Dr. Lou completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, where she investigated cellular mechanisms during acute inflammation. Additionally, she has experience teaching at the college level as an instructor for biology, as well as music.  Dr. Lou earned a PhD in Immunology from the Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Cornell University in New York, NY; and a BSc with Specialization in Biological Sciences, Microbiology from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

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