Charitable Bequest

Charitable Bequest

You can make a donation through your estate by including a charitable bequest to JDRF Canada in your Will. You may designate a specific gift amount, or contribute all or a percentage of your estate. Your contribution will help future generations of Canadians living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and will ensure JDRF has the resources needed to continue to find a cure for T1D and its complications.

Benefits of a Charitable Bequest
  • There is no immediate cost to you, so your gift won’t reduce the funds you have to live on.
  • You could make a bigger gift than what may be possible during your lifetime.
  • The final income tax payable on your estate can be reduced or even eliminated, which can be a big advantage to your heirs.

Please Note: If you die without a Will, the government will appoint a public trustee who will decide how the assets of your estate will be distributed. Make sure your legacy wishes are honoured by having a Will.


Types of Bequests

Unrestricted Bequest

An unrestricted bequest allows you to direct a gift from your estate to the area of type 1 diabetes research that is in the greatest need of funding. Your bequest can be for:

  • A specific dollar amount, or specific assets such as securities
  • A percentage of your estate
  • Your entire estate

Residual Bequest

A residual bequest directs the proceeds remaining from your estate after all other bequests, taxes, debts and expenses have been fulfilled.

Contingent Bequest

A contingent bequest allows you to direct funds or property from your estate to JDRF Canada only if specific named beneficiaries predecease you. Some types of bequests, such as a specific dollar amount, are straightforward and can’t be challenged. Others, like the residual of your estate or a percentage of your estate, may have to be settled in probate. Please speak with your accountant, lawyer and/or financial advisor about what type of bequest to JDRF Canada would work best for you and your heirs.

Leaving a gift to JDRF in your Will is simple. Talk with your family and loved ones, then speak to your lawyer about drafting or revisiting your Will, or adding a codicil.

For suggested wording for your charitable bequest, please click here.

JDRF Canada’s Official Name and Address

Please be sure to include JDRF Canada’s complete legal name and address in your Will:

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Canada
600 - 235 Yorkland Boulevard
Toronto, ON M2J 4Y8
Charitable Number: 1118976604RR0001

To learn more, please fill out a request for information, or contact:
Agata Witkiewicz
National Manager, Foundations & Planned Giving
Phone: 416.317.2616
Toll-free: 1.877.287.3533
Email: [email protected]
Charitable Number: 111897 6604 RR0001

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