Where Your Money Goes

JDRF has a bold plan for the future of type 1 diabetes (T1D) research in Canada. As better treatments unfold and the prospect of curing this disease rests on the horizon, we remain ever-committed to directing more resources to launch and sustain innovative research and clinical trials from coast-to-coast.

Our Impact

2021 was a year of milestones, both for the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, and the achievements that helped us to continue to advance our mission.

In research

JDRF Canada and its affiliate partners are leading the international research effort to end T1D. Here’s how we moved the needle in 2021:

36 cutting-edge projects and clinical trials supported in Canada

Nearly $80 million CAD invested in T1D research worldwide

19 countries with active grants –demonstrating the scope of JDRF’s 2021 international research portfolio

50+ clinical trials supported in Canada and around the world to bring new treatments to market faster

60+ new research grants for the world’s most promising studies

275+ active projects

Through our advocacy

Advocacy has seen incredible momentum in 2021, with the federal and provincial governments making positive announcements for the T1D community.

15M in new funding through the JDRF-CIHR Partnership to Defeat Diabetes that will fund innovative T1D research and development and be matched by donor dollars

614 online advocacy actions sent to federal and provincial politicians in support of Access for All

11 newly elected MPs make a commitment to moving #BeyondInsulin through our federal election campaign

4 provinces announcing new coverage options for advanced glucose monitoring technologies that will benefit 183,500 lives

By pivoting to virtual fundraising events
and innovative ways to give

Beyond Insulin:
In 2021, Beyond Insulin donors gave $61,500, $45,800 of which will directly support Dr. Michael Sefton’s (University of Toronto) research into vascular regenerative biomaterial (MAA) for islet transplantation

Monthly donors contributed nearly $145,000in 2021. Our longest-standing monthly donors have been contributing for 20 years.

There were just over 16,000 annual fund donations made in 2021.

Special events

$0.5M raised at the BC-wide Virtual Gala

Starry Starry Night Gala (MB/AB) raised $0.3M

$1.9M raised in the Sun Life Ride to Defeat Diabetes for JDRF virtual edition with over 4300 participants

$2.7M raised in the Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF with over 3,500 participants

Thank you to everyone who helped support JDRF and bring us closer to our goal of a world one day free from type 1 diabetes.

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