Toronto Blue Jay, Mark Lowe – T1D Looks Like Me

This fall, JDRF Canada had the pleasure of sitting down with Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Mark Lowe to talk to him about his experience as a high performance athlete living with type 1 diabetes (T1D), his time in Toronto and the exciting season for the Blue Jays.

Mark Lowe was diagnosed with T1D before the new baseball season in 2009. To Mark’s knowledge there is no history of T1D in his family. He commented that he noticed he was feeling unlike himself during the off-season that year. When he normally gains weight, he was losing it, when he normally felt energized, he was feeling drained. It wasn’t until spring training that year did Mark get his blood work done and his team of doctors noticed that something was wrong.

From that moment on, Mark has not let T1D hold him back. When you talk to him about living with T1D, he is positive, inspiring and in control of this disease.  As a professional baseball player, Mark understands the importance of routine and discipline to ensure high performance. This approach has not only helped him get far in his career, but has helped with diabetes management.

This season it seemed as though the entire country was rooting for the Toronto Blue Jays. We asked Mark what advice he had to give to all the children across Canada living with T1D who were watching him so closely and his advice was simple. “You can do anything that you want to do and T1D doesn’t have to hold you back. There are so many high performance athletes and professionals who are the best in their business that are living with and managing T1D every single day.”

As an honorary ambassador for JDRF’s 2015 NDAM ‘T1D Looks Like Me’ campaign, Mark is continuing to show the world that T1D doesn’t define him, it’s a part of him. Thanks Mark for your words of wisdom, and for continuing to inspire kids from across Canada to follow their dreams. Go Jays Go!

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