Top 5 Stress Relievers for Living with T1D

Guest blogger, Kim Cooper, shares her T1D stress relievers.

Top 5 Stress Relievers for Living with T1D

Every day I’m faced with new challenges of living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). I’m the first to admit that my first instinct is to internalize stress that comes with these challenges. I’ve learned (and am still learning!) that this approach will get me nowhere—except one step closer to a breakdown! So that’s why I try and think rationally when I’m feeling T1D stress.

Kim Cooper Editor of OWL magazine

Here are my top 5 stress relievers:

  1. Typing – this can mean anything from writing a letter to my friend, to creating a story, to posting a blog. I find that the act of thinking through what I’m feeling and then typing it in words has a therapeutic effect.
  2. Talking – I’m more of a listener than a talker. So sometimes I find it hard to tell someone about my T1D troubles. But once I find someone I trust, I try my best to share my experience with them.
  3. Dancing –When I was a kid there was no better feeling than when I danced in my room by myself to my Madonna records! Although it doesn’t happen nearly enough these days, a good solo dance marathon does wonders for boosting my spirit.
  4. Thinking – While I’m often guilty of overthinking situations, I find it’s useful to try and think outside of the box to solve my problems and relieve stress. If I ask myself why questions, I can make some interesting self-discoveries! (ie: Why am I feeling this way? Why am I so worried about this? Why do I think I must have perfect T1D control?)
  5. Meeting – One of my favourite ways to distract my attention from stress is to meet someone who also has T1D. I especially love meeting kids who haveT1D, this always manages to put everything into perspective for me.

What about you? How do you, or someone you know, relieve the stress of living with diabetes? Comment below and share your tips!

Kim Cooper is the editor of OWL Magazine and has had type 1 diabetes for over 30 years. She enjoys writing stories, learning about health and fitness, and connecting with others with T1D.

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