The T1D Blinking Light

Before I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 9, I became gaunt. Now that I see pictures taken before diagnosis, all I can see are my hollow cheeks and bony body. It’s interesting at the time that nobody recognized that my gaunt appearance meant that something was wrong.

Imagine how helpful it would be if there was an indicator light placed somewhere on the body that blinked when a pancreas malfunctioned? For me, this would’ve saved many sprints to the washroom having to pee, and also drinking buckets of water! It also would’ve been easier on my body if I got treated with insulin injections immediately after pancreas-malfunction time.

Besides a brand new or artificial pancreas, is there a diabetes invention that you wish existed?

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Kim Cooper is the editor of OWL Magazine and has had type 1 diabetes for over 30 years. She enjoys writing stories, learning about health and fitness, and connecting with others who have T1D.



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