The Moncton Touch-A-Truck was a Huge Success!

On September 28, 2013 the Moncton Chapter of JDRF Canada organized an exciting event called Touch-A-Truck, which was a complete success. The event helped raise critical funds for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research and was one of the highlight events of September for the Moncton community. We were able to talk to one of the event organizers from the Moncton Chapter and learn more about what went in to the event and what made it such a success.

Q. What is Touch-A-Truck and how did you come up with this idea?

A. Touch-a-Truck is an event where the transportation industry is highlighted and numerous different vehicles are put on display for all to see. Kids have the opportunity to step aboard a number of vehicles, some of which they may have never seen before, and even get to honk the horns, making for a very noisy day in Moncton! Some of the vehicles on display included a Brinks Truck, a retro police car, a large airport fire truck, cranes, excavators, snow plows, tow trucks and last year they even had a helicopter on site. The event idea was brought forward to us by one of our volunteers, Erica Griffiths, after she had heard about other places in the area doing this type of fundraiser.

Q. What activities were on site at the Moncton Touch-A-Truck?

A. We had over 70 vehicles and pieces of equipment on display at the Touch-A_Truck event and every piece was interactive, allowing kids to get up close and personal.  Activities and demonstrations were set up on site throughout the day which included hay rides, food vendors, Little Albert fire truck rides, Hub City Stunters (motorcycle demos), Moonica the dairy cow, equipment demonstrations with machinery such as the Jaws of Life and much more. We had a Cavendish fry truck on site, which Cavendish donates to charity events along with 600 orders of fries. We charged $2.00 for an order of fries, with all proceeds benefiting JDRF. We also had a popcorn and cotton candy machine, run by volunteers, which stayed busy all day long! The volunteers did an amazing job serving everyone that came out and we can’t thank them enough for their help!

Q. When did you start planning the event and did you experience any challenges while preparing for the big day?

A.  We started planning for the event in the spring in order to secure enough sponsorship and to make sure we could reserve our location, the parking lot of the Moncton Coliseum. Some of the challenges we experienced was  determining how big certain vehicles were and how much space they needed. This was challenging when creating a site plan but thanks to our volunteers who showed up bright and early on the morning of the event, we were able to walk around with chalk, tape and pylons and organize the space perfectly.

Q. What made the Moncton Touch-A-Truck so successful?

A.  We were able to raise $48,000 and over $20,000 of that was directly from sponsorships. One of the ways we were able to do this was by approaching companies and asking them to pay $600 for 100 tickets, which we would then give out to schools with flyers for the event. The tickets would say “compliments of” that business, giving the business some publicity and recognition. Students would bring the flyer and the free ticket home and hopefully attend the event with more people. We asked for a five dollar donation at the door, but we didn’t turn anyone away from the event if they couldn’t afford the minimum donation as we wanted this event to be accessible to everyone in the community.

Q. What advice would you give to others putting together a fundraising event but not sure where to start?

A. You need to have a lead volunteer who is passionate about the event. You also need to set up committees to get the job done. People need to have specific jobs such as exhibitor recruitment, sponsorship sales, event marketing, event logistics and site plan, volunteer management, and public/school relations assigned to them and each person. Another piece of advice is to not be afraid to ask businesses for money up front. We didn’t just go to the transportation industry when asking to sell tickets; we went to many different local businesses. More people than you think are willing to help out for a good cause.

JDRF Moncton would like to sincerely thank all of the volunteers who helped out at the Moncton Touch-A-Truck. This event would not have been possible without your hard work and dedication and we are grateful for everyone’s help. Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, Armour Transportation Systems, our Gold Sponsor, MacArthur’s Paving & Construction, and to the City of Moncton for their contribution, help, and support with this event! To learn about other third party fundraisers or how you can organize a similar event in your community, please visit

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