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1. Inspiring People with T1D

There are so many people with diabetes who inspire me. Recently, I've been following Sebastien Sasseville's journey across Canada.

2. Six-Time Ironman and Type 1 Diabetes Athlete Sebastien Sasseville to Take on Solo 7500 km Run Across Canada

Endurance athlete, six-time Ironman and one of more than 3 million Canadians living with diabetes, Sebastien Sasseville will undertake a solo run across the country in a personal mission to inspire, educate and empower other people with diabetes to pursue their dreams.

3. Outpacing T1D in the Sahara Desert

October 28, 2012. First day of the seven-day race. A long, hard and humbling day! The heat was intense, over 36°C on the Sahara desert course. I kept my insulin cool with gel packs and thermal containers. Things went well, but my diabetes was a challenge. I was forced to walk the last 5 km. I will ...

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