Kids for a Cure Awareness Day 2014 Delegate Profile: Preston Swan- Merrison "Swanny"

Kids for a Cure Awareness Day is going to change my life! I will finally be able to talk about T1D with MP’s in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. They will get the chance to hear my story and learn what a 12 year old boy is doing to fund research and how they can help too!

Share Your Half of the Story

By now you’ve probably seen our #oneon1 videos  where many people have been sharing the hidden side of living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). This NDAM, join JDRF Canada’s You Don’t Know the Half of It campaign, by sharing your half of the story.

JDRF Canada launches National Diabetes Awareness Month Campaign – You Dont Know the Half of It.

National Diabetes Awareness Month has begun! This year, our theme is You Don’t Know the Half of It. Through this campaign, JDRF Canada aims to uncover misconceptions and unveil the truth behind what it’s really like living with T1D.

National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM): You Don’t Know the Half of It.

This November, as we mark National Diabetes Awareness Month, JDRF will be sharing personal stories of individuals affected by type 1 diabetes (T1D). Our goal is to raise awareness of the struggles, misconceptions and tasks that encompass their every day.

Kids for a Cure Awareness Day 2014

Check us out on Parliament Hill - Kids for a Cure Awareness Day is the largest and most impactful type 1 diabetes (T1D) awareness campaign in Canada driven by children.

My Kangaroos

Back in the 80s, my Kangaroo shoes were the equivalent to superhero shoes. It wasn’t just because they were purple and had an awesome kangaroo on the side. It was also because of the secret compartment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

As Canadians prepare for the holiday long weekend, we’d like to take a minute and wish all of our followers an early Happy Thanksgiving!  

Ask the RD: Which sugar should you choose?

With so many on the market now – coconut sugar, rice malt syrup, agave nectar, maple syrup, molasses, honey, white sugar and brown sugar – it is tough to make a decision. Although it’s true that some are less refined, contain minerals, have a lower GI (raise your blood sugar slower), ...

What's your super food?

Recently I visited a nutritionist. Truth be told, I haven’t seen one in years. Partially because I didn’t want to take the time, partially because I was scared of what she might have to say. Change can be scary! 

Using ExCarbs to prevent low blood sugars

Often, preventing low blood sugars during/after exercise requires planning and adjustment of insulin. Even more challenging is when exercise is unplanned, and insulin has already been taken. In this case, extra carbs need to be taken to prevent low blood sugars.

Lets turn type one into type none