Sometimes it just doesn't work...

Last week I had a meeting with the grandfather of a child with type 1 diabetes (T1D), who has been having some problems getting his blood sugar levels under control. He spent a bit of time saying he had many conversations with his daughter about how (he felt) she should have staple meals for her son to know exactly how many carbs each meal contained, and therefore she would know exactly how much insulin her son should take. According to him it was simple.

I explained to him that it might not be as easy as it sounds. I described the things I did after I was diagnosed to control my blood sugar, and the results I experienced.

I ate the exact same food at the exact same time, each and every day for a week. I also did the same exercise (which admittedly wasn't as much as it should be) at the exact same time each day.

Now, can you guess my results?  I experienced different blood sugar levels every day. Some were good and some terribly bad.  As an adult, my body is fairly stable, compared to the five year old grandson he was mentioning, who is growing and changing all the time.

I asked him not to be so hard on his daughter as sometimes, despite all of your best efforts, life will just go the way it wants to.

Do you have any routines or techniques you follow to keep blood sugar levels in check?


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