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Monsters Are Real
JDRF Canada has a plan to defeat the T1D monster that burdens 300,000 Canadians.
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Thriving with Diabetes

Halloween day will never be the same for Conrad Pow as that was the day in 2018 when his daughter Chloe was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

British Columbians speak out about #AccessForAll in online community consultations

This past month, as part of JDRF’s #AccessforAll campaign, British Columbians impacted by type 1 diabetes (T1D) came together with patient advocates, clinicians and elected officials to discuss the benefits of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and flash glucose monitoring (Flash GM) devices, and the need to cover these technologies under B.C. Pharmacare.

An update on JDRF’s Advocacy Efforts: #AccessForAll

Our #AccessForAll campaign has been keeping busy, finding new and creative ways to advocate government officials at the provincial level despite the constraints of COVID-19. To everyone who has supported by volunteering time, talents or donations– thank you.

Biosimilar Insulins – What you need to know

For anyone impacted by type 1 diabetes (T1D), the term ‘biosimilars’ is one that will become increasingly familiar now that the patents of some biologic insulins are expiring. This means that biosimilar versions of these insulins may be approved, and some are already on the North American market.

Monitoring Your Child’s Glucose Remotely

Like most parents after their child has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Cindy Voss found herself overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. With an active 10-year old whose glucose levels would drop quickly and unexpectedly, Cindy found herself constantly worrying and would get up every couple of hours throughout the night to prick her son Mathew’s finger to get a blood sugar reading.

JDRF Canada recognizes #BellLetsTalk

January 28, 2021 marks this year’s #BellLetsTalk day. This provides us the opportunity to talk freely and safely about mental health issues, and to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people living with T1D daily – and how JDRF Canada is looking to do more to address mental health in this community.

Simplifying insulin management and delivery

For years, Rebecca Redmond’s mantra was to “stick to the devil you know” when managing her type 1 diabetes (T1D). That meant injecting herself with insulin numerous times a day, even after developing a phobia of needles, resulting in debilitating anxiety attacks and sometimes even forgoing meals.

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