My 32 Years with T1D

I was diagnosed with T1D in 1982. But surprisingly enough, I do not know the exact date off-hand. I know it was in January because my name had just been randomly drawn out of my entire elementary school to be the queen of the winter carnival. I was so excited! Me, the queen?! Wow. I had never imagined something like this could happen to me.

Actually, it never did—I never made it to the festival. Shortly after I was chosen to be queen I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D), and admitted into the Hospital for Sick Children for two weeks.

It has now been 32 years with T1D and I still wonder what it would’ve been like to reign supreme at my school winter carnival. Oh well, I did get to wear the crown for a quick second during a photo opp… and I was lucky to get diagnosed early enough before any complications had developed. So in the end, the crown really didn’t matter. So here’s to 32 years!

How many years have you or a loved one had diabetes? Comment below and tell us.

Kim Cooper is the editor of OWL Magazine and has had type 1 diabetes for over 30 years. She enjoys writing stories, learning about health and fitness, and connecting with others with T1D.

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