Kids for a Cure Awareness Day 2014 Delegate Profile: Preston Swan- Merrison "Swanny"

Name: Preston Swan-Merrison

Age: 12 years old

Age diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D): 9 years old

Location: London, Ontario

Q. Preston, what does participating in Kids for a Cure Awareness Day mean to you?

A. Kids for a Cure Awareness Day is going to change my life! I will finally be able to talk about T1D with MP’s in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. They will get the chance to hear my story and learn what a 12 year old boy is doing to fund research and how they can help too! I hope that members of parliament can step up with us and find a cure by funding more research.

I am a JDRF advocate and I am on a mission to find a cure. I have already raised almost $10,000 in two short years and the amount continues to grow. My last two birthday parties have taken place at the TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes and instead of receiving gifts from my family and friends, I have asked for everyone to make donations to JDRF. I have written a book (Preston’s Big Game) about T1D and proceeds and special events for the book will go to JDRF.




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