JDRF Ride 2013 Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Tips

Fundraising doesn’t have to stop at asking friends, family and co-workers to support you! There are lots of fun ways to raise money for the JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research. Here are some fun ways to fundraise that will help you reach and exceed your fundraising goal while enjoying time with your colleagues, friends and family.

Car wash: Get a group of colleagues together and put together a car wash to raise extra funds for your team. You can create signs to put out around the neighborhood and invite your attendees to the event by creating an event on Facebook.  Ask for a minimum donation, but let people know they can donate as much as they would like. Be sure to let people know where the money is going to and provide a link to your Ride fundraising page on the invite, posters, and flyers.

Host a party:  There are many different ways you can approach a summer party depending on who you are inviting and what kind of event you prefer to throw. It can be a casual BBQ around the pool, an outdoor brunch and games day, a social evening of card games. Whatever you want! Send out invitations in the mail, or save money by creating a Facebook event and charge a minimum admission fee to enter. This money will go towards your Ride fundraising goal. 

Get Your Company Involved: There are many different ways you can fundraise within the workplace. Some of the ways you can get your company involved include:

Spare Change: Set up a collection box at work where colleagues can donate any spare change they have to your fundraising goal.

Dress-down Day: Charge employees a fixed amount to be able to participate in a dress down days or jeans day once a week.

Executive Showdown: Host a friendly competition in a high-traffic, visible area to create buzz around your company’s participation in Ride and gain donations.

Auctions/Draws: create a 50/50 draw or auction off gift certificates, parking spaces, days off, etc.

Food/Beverage Sales: Set up a pancake breakfast, BBQ lunch or bake sale and all proceeds go towards your Ride.

Host a Cook Off: Have a few colleagues that love to cook prepare a meal for your co-workers.  People can then buy tickets to enjoy a sample of the meals and vote for who they think is the best cook.

Recognition Days: Sell balloons, flowers, cupcakes or cards that co-workers can buy to show their appreciation or recognize someone at work for a job well done.

Remember to get creative when thinking of ways to fundraise. The more fun everyone is having, the more likely people will be to contribute to help you exceed your fundraising goal!

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