George Canyon on Life with T1D

I was diagnosed on Boxing Day, 1984, the day after Christmas in New Glasgow, NS at the Aberdeen Hospital. It is a day that holds many emotional memories for me. I have lived with type 1 diabetes (T1D) for 29 years; 29 years of ups and downs, 29 years of highs and lows, no pun intended. I was asked, one day, by parents of a young type 1 diabetic what the secret was to controlling my disease; was there a trick? Was there an exact plan? I still smile when I think about that conversation. I certainly wish there was!

Since the age of five I wanted to be a pilot in the Canadian Air Force, as well, an astronaut, but every boy wanted to be an astronaut back in the 70’s. I remember always staring skyward, searching for airplanes, listening for their engines and searching for contrails in hopes of catching a glimpse. My mom and dad nurtured by healthy addiction realizing that I was very driven to becoming an air force pilot. My father was Chief Tech of the hospital lab for over 32 years and he saw the symptoms that year. He knew what the outcome would be if I went in for blood tests, but my parents did not want me to spend Christmas of 1984 in the hospital so he waited to break the news to me. I was only 14 years old when I was diagnosed and to be completely honest, my concern did not lie with my diagnoses but with getting back to Air Cadets, where I had spent the prior two years working toward, what I felt, was my career.

There is a long story wrapped up between that time and now. Many amazing experiences have been had, and my life is truly blessed, being a National spokesman for JDRF is just one of these great experiences. I have always felt that I control my diabetes. I control it, it does not control me! I live my dreams and T1D does not stop me. In some ways in makes me stronger, more focused, more driven...and sometimes more stubborn!

After 29 years I have decided to write a book about living with T1D, I want to share my experiences and the ways I have learned to control this disease.

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