Creative Ways to Boost Your Fundraising with Suzanne Reisler Litwin

We are getting close to “Show Time!” That’s what I call the Walk. In the play, “Gypsy” the dancers had to figure out a way to get the attention of their patrons. The dancers with the most experience told the youthful girls,

I'm electrifying and I ain't even trying
I never have to sweat to get paid
'Cause if you got a gimmick
Gypsy girl you got it made.

This is where I start with my fundraising. I gotta get a gimmick!  It’s easy just to send an email or a letter, but it’s more interesting to send something fun!

I usually start with a slogan.  This year it is - ‘Let’s Build a Cure!’  My letter is all about building materials and construction with a sexy twist. It is going to “catch” the attention of my sponsors.

Another idea is I walk through the dollar store to find something I can send to my sponsors in relation to my theme.  This year it will be Lego blocks.  I can’t divulge anymore!

Start with a slogan, then bring in a theme, and twist it in a funny, brilliant, or sexy way.

Good luck!  If you need my help for creative ideas, check out or email Suzanne

Suzanne Reisler Litwin has been fundraising for the TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes since 1994 and has raised over $100,000.


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