Jen Hanson is Living Life to its Fullest

Despite being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) in November 1983 at the age of three, Jen Hanson’s family didn’t change their way of life. They camped, engaged in various sports and enjoyed outdoor adventures at the cottage. If they were worried, Jen never noticed. Jen’s love ...

Dave Kutner, Captain of the Canadian Men’s National Dodgeball Team, does not let T1D limit his active lifestyle

Diagnosed in 1989 at the age of five, Dave Kutner does not let his type 1 diabetes (T1D) deter him from actively participating in sports like baseball, football, volleyball, golf, and competitive dodgeball.

Highs, Lows and Speed Skating: Mallory Zormans T1D story

 I will never forget the family vacation I took in the summer of 2001. We drove down the West Coast, all the way from British Columbia to California. It would’ve been a wonderful trip, if we didn’t have to stop for the restroom every twenty minutes. I was hospitalized and diagnosed ...

Outpacing T1D in the Sahara Desert

October 28, 2012. First day of the seven-day race. A long, hard and humbling day! The heat was intense, over 36°C on the Sahara desert course. I kept my insulin cool with gel packs and thermal containers. Things went well, but my diabetes was a challenge. I was forced to walk the last 5 km. I will ...

Lets turn type one into type none