Lipohypertrophy, what's the big deal?

Well, besides having lumpy, “not-so-pretty”  areas on your body,  the main concern is that if you inject into a lipo, your insulin may not be absorbed the way it should be resulting in ups and downs in blood sugar control and the need for more insulin.

Lipohypertrophy, what the heck is it anyway?

Do you have diabetes? Do you take insulin? Do you have lipohypertrophy?


Lipohypertrophy - a very long word for a very common occurrence for those living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Interested in learning more? Stay tuned and join JDRF Canada and BD for Lipohypertrophy Awareness Week from February 23-27 to learn more and even meet Lipo Larry! ...

My T1D Resolution

It’s that time of year where we make lofty promises to stop a nasty habit, lose a few extra pounds we have been carrying around, or finish a project around the house that has been on our to-do list for far too long.

Controlling the Altitude of your Diabetes.

Have you ever been asked to explain type 1 diabetes (T1D) in simple terms?  Perhaps you are asking your friends to support you in your fundraising efforts, or are explaining T1D to a co-worker.  The best way I can explain the daily journey with T1D is to compare it to flying a plane. ...

Digital Health in Canada: Marcus & Sara's Story

?Marcus, a young boy living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and his mother Sara, enjoy using digital health tools to help with Marcus’ diabetes management.

What would you tell someone who is newly diagnosed?

When I meet a parent of a child, or an adult who has been newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D), there is so much that I would like to share with them to help them through this challenging time.  I am certainly not the “Yoda” of the diabetes world; however, having lived with T1D for ...

Top 5 Stress Relievers for Living with T1D

Every day I’m faced with new challenges of living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). I’m the first to admit that my first instinct is to internalize stress that comes with these challenges. I’ve learned (and am still learning!) that this approach will get me nowhere—except one step ...

Lets turn type one into type none