Andrew McWiggan: Engaging your community and raising funds.

Fundraising is not always easy. There are so many organizations out there trying to raise money. You have to find ways to differentiate yourself, be creative and build connections with people in your community.

Begin by setting a goal, and dedicate yourself to that goal. Next, plan how you want to achieve that goal. Sit down and brainstorm different ways to raise funds like hosting a fun night for people who may donate to your campaign for example. Last year, I hosted a steak night/auction for people who were donating to my cause and it was a huge success. You need to figure out what kind of event or type of fundraising initiatives you wish to carry out, be persistent, have fun and never give up.

Once you have determined your goal and plan of fundraising action, the next step and best place to start in achieving your goal is within your own personal community. Most of my personal fundraising is through my business network and peer and family support.

Remember, stay positive and focused, have fun and believe you will achieve your goal. Your community network will feed off that energy and only then will your fundraising success follow.

Andrew McWiggan recently moved to Canada and his community. He attended his first TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes in 2013 and raised over $10,000.

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