A Tea-rrific Woman and her Journey with T1D P.2


Last week we introduced you to Joan Hepburn, woman extraordinaire. Joan has not only lived with T1D for most of her life, raised and cared for a son with T1D, but is also helping to contribute to innovative T1D research through her work with Steeped Tea.

Joan is one of the top-selling Steeped Tea Consultants in Canada. Working with Steeped Tea since 2008, Joan has grown a team of consultants and is helping to make the product a household name. Steeped Tea was featured on Dragon’s Den in 2012 and was invested in by two Dragons, Jim Treliving and David Chilton. Treliving, Chairman and Owner of Boston Pizza, is a supporter of JDRF through the Boston Pizza Foundation. So, it was only natural that when it came time for Steeped Tea to choose a charity of choice, it was JDRF.

This was great news to Joan! Not only did she get to work for a great organization, but she would also be contributing to raising funds for critical type 1 diabetes research through the sales of her teas.

Steeped Tea features 3 fruit teas that for every 100 gram bag sold $1 will go to JDRF: Jenna Cherry Jubilee, Sami Sweetheart, and Lady Layla. In 2014, Hepburn has also committed to donate an additional dollar of her own sales of these teas to JDRF.

To learn more about Steeped Tea and JDRF, please visit mysteepedtea.com/tea.  

Thank you Joan for all you do to help fund research to find a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D)! 

If you have any questions for Joan, feel free to post them in the comment section below. 

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