Join the challenge: leave a planned gift to JDRF

As someone directly touched by type 1 diabetes, I hope you will join me on this journey as we continue to invest in the advancement of T1D research. 

JDRF Collaborates to Support Diabetes 360⁰ Initiative

Diabetes 360⁰ is a framework for a pan-Canadian diabetes strategy aimed at drastically reducing and eventually ending diabetes 

"More funds for T1D research": Kaleb Dahlgren talks #TeamT1D

Kaleb Dahlgren joins the #TeamT1D initiative by sharing his thoughts on misconceptions about T1D and the role the Canadian government can play in supporting those living with it.

Your Disability Tax Credit claim: An update

If you're among those denied the Disability Tax Credit, you may need to reach out to the CRA.

7 Quick Tips for Drinking with Type 1 Diabetes

We sat down with our JDRF Marketing & Communications summer student, Evelyn Riddell, who lives with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to get her quick tips on how to drink responsibly with T1D.

Getting Real: My Experience Modelling with Type 1 Diabetes

Evelyn, our Marketing Communications Assistant for the summer, was featured in the latest bra campaign, and the T1D community is loving it!

5 Ways Corporate Social Responsibility Can Engage Employees

For Canadian business, philanthropic efforts are the best way to engage employees and induce positive culture. 

Our plan to fix the Disability Tax Credit is working: Here's why.

Why carbohydrate counting should be explicitly allowed for Disability Tax Credit eligibility.  A joint submission with Diabetes Canada.   

Join team JDRF in Ottawa this October!

We're opening submissions for Kids for a Cure 2018, an exciting advocacy initiative in which JDRF gets youth from across Canada together to impact the future of diabetes research.

What you need to know about diabulimia

Maybe you’ve never heard of the term ‘diabulimia’ before, but this eating disorder affecting people living with type 1 diabetes is more common than you might think.

Lets turn type one into type none