Age: 13
Age at diagnosis: 18 months
Lives in: Dartmouth, NS

Chloe was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at only 18 months and spent a week in the hospital with her parents. After adjusting to the diagnosis, Chloe has participated in the JDRF Walk for 7 years and have become a JDRF youth ambassador. She has continued to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes at her school, by speaking to each class about her experience and describing the warning signs. When she’s not fundraising in her community for JDRF, Chloe enjoys drawing, horseback riding, dancing, paddling and art and she would like to pursue a career as a teacher or a child psychologist. At Kids for a Cure Lobby Day 2020, Chloe wants to advocate for insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitors (CGM) be free and accessible across Canada to enable people living with type 1 diabetes to live more normal lives. 


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