Call your MP

Don’t have time to take a meeting or write a letter? If you’ve got five minutes, a phone call can make a big impression on your local politician. MPs understand that their political futures are directly tied to the issues their constituents care most about. It follows that MPs tend to care most about the issues that matter most in the riding. For this reason, most MPs’ offices carefully track the number of letters, emails and calls they receive on any given subject.

Step 1 – Identify your MP

Use the MP look up tool on the Parliamentary website to identify your MP using your postal code. Enter your postal code in the box provided and click the search button.

Step 2 – Prepare for the call

Step 3 – Place the call

  • “May I speak to…” [Add MP’s Name].
  • If the MP is not available, ask “Could I speak to the person who handles health care matters?”
  • If neither is available, ask to leave a message.
  • Tell them your name, your profession (optional), that you live in the riding and that as someone who lives with/has a family member who lives with/or cares about type 1 diabetes, you are calling to ask them to support new funding for JDRF CCTN.
  • Be sure to state exactly what action you want the MP to take – in this case, we want them to write to the Minister of Health to express their support for the JDRF Canadian Clinical Trial Network. We would also like to invite him or her to join the all-party juvenile diabetes caucus.
  • If asked for more information, please do answer their questions. You can also offer to email them a copy of the JDRF CCTN funding request.
  • Thank them for the call.

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